Welcome to the Saints 2015-16 Fall Selection Camp; Our Team, Our Town.

 The Saints Fall Selection Camp is just around the corner, and we invite you to come out to view all the potential players for the 2015-16 season!

This year's Selection Camp will run from Sun. Aug. 23rd – Weds. Aug. 26th.  As always the Saints Selction Camp comes to a finale with the playing of the Annual Mark Messier Blue-White Game!

  This years Blue -White game is on Wednesday August 26th at 7pm.  Come down and watch some of the best young talent, as they battle to secure their spot on the 2015-16 Spruce Grove Saints roster!

See below for the full list of games and times of the Fall Selection Camp.


Just a reminder that all players are to report upstairs to the Grant Fuhr Lounge, above the arena, for a 9am Coaches-Players Meeting on Sunday August 23rd.  At that time, all players will receive a detailed timeline of their on-ice, off-ice schedule.



2015-16 Saints Fall Camp Schedule

Sunday, August 23rd

9:00-9:30am  Player Meeting (Grant Fuhr Arena Lounge)
10:00-11:15am  Scrimmage (A vs. C)
11:30-12:45pm  Scrimmage (B vs. D)
1:00 – 1:45pm  TEAM E = DRYLAND

4:00 – 5:15pm  Scrimmage (A vs. D)
5:30 – 6:45pm  Scrimmage (B vs. E)
7:00 – 7:45pm  TEAM C = DRYLAND

Monday, August 24th

10:00-11:15 pm  Scrimmage (A vs. E)
11:30-12:45pm  Scrimmage (D vs. C)
1:00 – 1:45pm  TEAM B = DRYLAND

4:00 – 5:15pm  Scrimmage (A vs. B)
5:30 – 6:45pm  Scrimmage (C vs. E)
7:00 – 7:45 pm  TEAM D = DRYLAND

Tuesday, August 25th

10:00 – 11:15am Scrimmage (C vs. B)
11:30 – 12:45pm Scrimmage (D vs. E)
11:00 – 11:45am TEAM A = DRYLAND

1:00pm until completion – All players meet with coaching staff

Wednesday, August 26th

5:15 pm   All Blue/White players at Grant Fuhr Arena (dress attire)
5:30 pm  Individual Team meetings
6:30-6:45 pm   Full Warm-up
7:00 pm  Mark Messier BLUE-WHITE Game

POST GAME  All players to meet with Coaching Staff


**All DRYLAND sessions will take place on the field East of the arena**
**Please meet there to start your session**