Sundar Scores Loan Goal, Saints Fall 3-1 To Bonnyville

In a fierce showdown between the Spruce Grove Saints and the Bonnyville Pontiacs, the early periods were defined by a goaltending duel. Bodee Weiss and Beckett Langkow from Fort Saskatchewan, AB, displayed their remarkable skills and unwavering determination, preserving a scoreless game throughout the first two periods.

The long-standing stalemate was finally shattered six minutes into the last period. The Pontiacs capitalized on a defensive lapse by the Saints, swiftly netting three goals and shifting the game’s momentum in their favor.

Undaunted, the Saints launched a determined comeback. With Langkow off the ice for an extra attacker, Evan Sundar from St. Albert, AB, fired a high shot into the net, putting the Saints on the scoreboard.

Despite a valiant effort in the closing minutes, the Saints couldn’t narrow the gap any further, ultimately succumbing to the Pontiacs in a 3-1 final score.