Straight out of Compton…er…retirement!

Starting this week, and running throughout the entire AJHL season, the Spruce Grove Saints will  be reaching out to fans like never before.

Gord Montgomery, the long-time and award-winning sports editor at the Spruce Grove Examin-er/Stony Plain Reporter, will begin filing weekly reports on the Saints progress starting today. Montgomery covered the Saints on a weekly basis from the time they moved back to the Grove 12 years ago, up until last year, so he is familiar with those inside the organization and looks to bring fans information they may not otherwise be privy to.

Those articles will appear on the Saints website homepage each Monday or Tuesday. When Montgomery isn’t available (because he’s off spmewhere enjoying his retirement) play-by-play personality Thomas Strangward from 88.1 The One will step in to fill the gap.

Besides the weekly recaps, Montgomery will introduce fans to each and every player on the roster in the 2015-16 season (once he gets back from his latest vacation!) letting you have a glimpse at the personalty, the hopes and the long-term goals of the young men who represent this area so well.

If you have any story ideas you think might be an interesting read, don’t hesitate to reach out to Montgomery though the Spruce Grove Saints office.