Onyskiw Shines With 30 Saves, Saints Defeat Oilers 3-1

In his first game back since the preseason, Zac Onyskiw from Edmonton, Alberta, made a stellar return as the Saints triumphed over the Oilers with a 3-1 victory!

Carter Oakenfold, hailing from Calgary, Alberta, kicked off the scoring by putting the Saints in the lead. Then, with less than twenty minutes remaining in the period, Alexander Babich from Chicago, Illinois, notched his fourth goal of the season, extending the Saints’ lead to 2-0.

The second period was filled with penalties, creating numerous opportunities for the Saints. However, they couldn’t capitalize, and the score remained at 2-0.

Six minutes into the final period, Nicholas Larkin from Nepean, Ontario, found the back of the net on the powerplay, increasing the Saints’ lead to three. Shortly after, Sam Huck responded with a powerplay goal of his own for the Oilers. However, Huck’s goal would be the lone score for the Oilers as the Saints secured a 3-1 victory in the game!