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Phone: 587-984-3117

Phone: 780-499-5338

The Spruce Grove Saints are dedicated to the encouragement of continued education through success in hockey. The Saints value strong educational habits and promote the idea of secondary schooling to all its players. With numerous institutions located 20-30 minutes from the Grant Fuhr Arena it enables a student athlete to begin a post secondary program or prep for the opportunity to attend University on a scholarship. The ACAC, CIS, and NCAA are all avenues in which studies can continue past high school while still playing a high calibre level of hockey. The Saints organization had over 75 players committed to institutions all over North America with many more being approached by schools looking to add to their rosters.

For student athletes still in high school, there is the option of Spruce Grove Composite High School as well as St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Both schools are located relatively close to the Grant Fuhr Arena and are within a ten minute drive of anywhere in Spruce Grove.

For student athletes interested in post secondary education we are privileged to have 4 major institutions that offer college prep courses as well as full college and University programs. The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Concordia University, and Grant McEwan University all have hockey programs that compete in the Alberta College Athletic Conference. The University of Alberta is home to the Golden Bears hockey program that is a perennial contender for the CIS championship. Whether a player still competes in the junior ranks or has graduated, these four institutions offer a variety of programs that provide a head start towards a University Degree or can help build a strong base for a future career.

To help the players make a smooth transition to a new high school or prepare for post secondary education the Saints have advisors that are closely tied in with the team.

Educational Links

Grade Slam Tutoring

The CJHL has partnered with an online tutoring site called GradeSlam. This is an online tutoring service available to CJHL players at no cost. Please see the attached page for additional information. If you are interested in utilizing GradeSlam services, contact Glen Thiel | Email: | Phone: 587-984-3117

Grade Slam Tutoring


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High School Registration


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University/College Courses

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