Cash Is King Raffle


Grand Prize – $20,000 – Sandra Brown – Yellow Ticket # 2924

2nd Place – $5,000 – Mark McKinley – Yellow Ticket # 448

3rd Place – $2,500 – Brenda McPherson – Yellow Ticket # 855

Finalist Prize – $1000 – Colin Bird – White Ticket # 162

Finalist Prize – $1000 – Alexander Babich – Yellow Ticket # 637

Finalist Prize – $1000 – Sandra Brown – Yellow Ticket # 1963

Quick Cash Prize – $500 – Grant Fuchsen – White Ticket # 226

Quick Cash Prize – $500 – Tyler Douglas – Yellow Ticket # 118

Quick Cash Prize – $500 – Leah Storrow – Yellow Ticket # 2433

Quick Cash Prize – $500 – Peter Wurster – Yellow Ticket # 246


Early Bird Winners!

Early Bird Prize – $500 – Peter Wurster – Yellow Ticket # 250

Early Bird Prize – $500 – Dom Gallo – White Ticket # 1047

Early Bird Grand Prize – $2000 –  Connor Smith – Yellow Ticket # 1858



  1. All purchases and ticket holders must be 18 years or older at the time of purchase.
  2. Residents outside of Alberta are eligible to purchase raffle tickets provided they purchase the tickets physically within the borders of Alberta at a Saints game/event or from a local business vendor
  3. All ONLINE raffle ticket purchases must be purchased by a resident within the borders of Alberta, Canada
  4. Volunteers, Board Members and employees of the Spruce Grove Saints are eligible to win prizes provided they have no contact and are not part of the physical drawing of the tickets when awarding prizes
  5. Minimum of 700 tickets must be sold before requesting a draw extension or cancelation of the raffle
  6. All Draws for the prizes will take place at the Grant Fuhr Arena – 9 Agrena Road, Spruce Grove, Alberta, T7X 2C8


  • Early bird draw date – Saturday December 16, 2022
  • Grand prize draw date – February 24, 2023
  1. Sold Tickets will be stored in a locked cabinet and/or a clear, visibly marked barrel at all times
  2. Prize draws will be made by a non-ticket bearing individual physically, by hand, with a shirt with sleeves that do not go past the elbow of the official draw person. Two additional draw judges and the raffle chairperson will oversee the draw process. The draw will take place in front of the public or by live stream video if in any case large public gatherings are not allowed at the time of the draw date
  3. Winning tickets will be placed back in the draw barrel before making the next draw. 1 ticket is eligible to win all (13) prizes
  4. Draw winners will be announced live at the draw event as well as on the team website and on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  5. Draw order from first to last – Phase 1 (Early Bird Draw) – 2 draws of $500, 1 draw for $2,000 –

Phase 2 (Final Draw) – 4 draws for $500 each – 3 draws for $1,000 each – 1 draw for $2,500 – 1 draw for $5,000 – 1 draw for $20,000

  1. All prizes will be awarded to the 13 winners by cheque. The name that appears on the winning tickets will be the person who is awarded the cheque. If there are 2 names on 1 ticket, the closest name to the top of the ticket shall be awarded the money. The Spruce Grove Saints Founders Group and AGLC are not responsible for any winning ticket disputes between parties whom shared the purchase of a ticket(s)
  2. To claim a winning prize, 2 pieces of identification are required to be presented to verify the identity of the winner.  One piece must be government issued PICTURE ID.   ID that is acceptable – Drivers License, Passport, Status Card or Citizenship Card will be accepted
  3. The ticket holders have up to three months from each draw date to claim their prize. If the prize goes unclaimed, the Spruce Grove Saints will request approval from AGLC to donate the unclaimed prize back to the Spruce Grove Saints.
  4. If the winners are not present at the time of each draw to collect their prize, they will be notified in the following order of contact methods. 1st attempt: Phone call – 2nd attempt: Email – 3rd attempt: Postage mail. The order of contact will be repeated until contact is made between the winning ticket holder and a representative of the raffle
  5. In the case of a raffle cancelation, public announcements will be made notifying the general public of the cancelation and ticket purchases will be fully refundable for the price of the ticket.
  6. Forms of payment for tickets that will be accepted are cash, debit and credit. Personal cheques and money orders will not be accepted
  7. Tickets will be sold for $20 for one (1) ticket and $50 for three (3) tickets
  8. Total tickets will be: 2,499 @ $20 totalling $49,980 and 3000 @ 3 for $50 totalling $50,000

For complaints or questions the Raffle Chairperson Kelly McGowan can be reached at 587-414-1437